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Falsifying Patient Records and False Test Results

Some physicians’s practices, clinical laboratories, and other health care businesses get in trouble by making poor decisions to falsify patient records and test results in order to bill for increased amounts of additional dollars. This practice much of the time can trigger a criminal investigation.

However, in certain circumstances, legitimate patient records and test results can appear falsified or fraudulent when compared to regional or national averages. In other words, you may be doing nothing wrong. This like many other billing-trend related issues can trigger an investigation because of the government’s heavy reliance on data analytics.

Federal authorities simply do not have the time to individually examine all health care providers’ billing practices. As a result, they are increasingly relying on data analytics for red flags that initiate an investigation.

Regardless of the circumstances, Khouri Law Firm can help you get out in front of the government’s investigation. There are a variety of strategies that we can apply to protect you and mitigate any damages that might come.